Attention to detail
for a top-of-the-range-bike

Reinterpret an iconic design with modern technology

Every designers dream is to be able to strive towards the perfection of a product concept by breaking free from the chains of a standard design. It is also one of the main characteristics to be found in luxury products and in COLEEN's vision for their luxury bike. 

COLEEN is taking a special place in the fast-growing market for electric power-assisted bicycles, with a neo-retro bike equipped to meet all the modern requirements of the high-end sector. The distinctively designed all- over carbon, connected bike is inspired by Jean PROUVE’s bicycles.


After four years of development that were initially planned to take one year, COLEEN asked us to refine the design of their bike and combine it with electric power assistance. COLEEN’s aim was to improve the design so that it was perfectly adapted to integrating a battery into the frame and from there the bike could be sold on the VAE market.

COLEEN therefore entrusted us with numerous mechanical design and conception tasks (stand, accessories, casing battery and frame integration mechanism, process optimization).



We approached each sub-assembly individually, taking great care with style consistency, manufacturing cost, robustness, risk anticipation and above all performance.

All the prototypes, except for in-house 3D printing, were made in collaboration with the COLEEN team and their subcontractors as we all had very tight deadlines to meet. This co-design collaboration was very interesting and enriching for all of us.


COLEEN received an Award at EuroBike 2018 the day after the prototype was finalized at the agency. A well-deserved reward for the two project leaders who will follow-up by continuing the fundraising necessary to start industrialization. The bike is currently available for pre-sale in standard, E- bike and E-bike 45km/h versions.

Outercraft contributed to the optimization of the Coleen electric bicycle.
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