Passionate Team // How do we go about coming up with an innovative idea?

We started our business by trying to put into practice the basic principles of design thinking. Over time, we have tried to improve and refine our methods.

Here is an article to give you a global vision of the process that might help you understand our approach!

  > Where are we going ?

At the very beginning, even in innovation, you need at least a basic scope and a starting brief like: “we have noticed a buoyant market and would like to position ourselves” or “we would like to develop in our market with a new product” or “we have a particular technology/manufacturing process and we think we could develop it in other markets” .

Then we draw up a precise set of specifications outlining the technical, strategic and production limits of the project.

  > Who are we talking to ?

We are very fond of user panels. In fact, no one can know everything about the behaviour of customer segments. So user panels help to reduce risks at every stage !

In order to set them up, we start by publishing persona, i.e. typical profile sheets of people making up the target market. Then we look for real individuals who have a lot in common with these persona. The idea is for them to follow us throughout the project by bringing us the buyer’s vision.

Before we start thinking about design development, we ask them various questions that could guide our research, often in the form of online questionnaires, but also sometimes directly in interviews. We ask them questions about themselves, about their habits and aspirations, about existing and competing products, about other products in our subject’s world…

  > What’s there already ?

Exceptional products exist in all markets. While it is rarely possible to do better, you can always do it differently !

We spend a certain amount of time researching and analysing everything that exists in direct and indirect competition. We also take the time to find nearby or interesting markets for which solutions could be inspiring or partially transferable. It would certainly be a waste of time to redevelop an already mature technology in another market!

  > Were do the ideas come from ?

Of course, with all this research, we start to see the first ideas emerge. At this stage, we note them down somewhere without going into too much detail.

But, in our opinion, creativity is a faculty that develops through knowledge. It often involves transferring practices from one market to another, a technology or an approach that we have seen on another product, a lead that we have heard about… To do this we are on a permanent lookout ; at the same time it’s not that hard! Brands communicate a lot of content as do design agencies and innovation sites. Between Instagram, Pinterest, Google and the various blogs and news sites (to name a few of our favourites:  Dezeen, Designboom, Lemanoosh, Core77, Explore…) we have more than enough to nourish us every day.

This is also the strength of an external agency: by working for various worlds and applications, we discover various manufacturing processes, materials and strategies that we exploit in other fields.

So we all work together, because everyone brings their own culture and inspiration; first on their own, then as a group. The more we go into detail, the more the idea takes shape.

Now it’s your turn to inspire innovation in your company. We would be delighted to come and participate in or lead your work sessions and workshops.


Tomorrow is coming.