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The particularity of our agency is to combine our skills in design and our implementation methods to address your issues, whether they are technological, economic or ecological, and provide tangible solutions.

Our working method is in line with current design thinking and is a source of performance for both projects and companies.

If you would like to know more about this strategic approach, discover our "Design Process for Innovation" Whitebook.

The cross-disciplinary skills of our team of designers and engineers allow us to approach the product design challenge with a global vision, from conception to manufacturing.

This means we can support you throughout the entire design process: from studying your needs to industrialization and prototyping.

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Open up your market, stimulate your creativity, develop your projects, support your teams: we put our skills and resources at the service of your products.

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The OUTERCRAFT Workshop, an optimal technical platform

Our workspace is entirely dedicated to design.

It offers all the technology necessary to develop your product innovations in the best possible conditions: design, prototyping, use tests and development.

This makes it possible for us to ensure the functionality and feasibility of all our concepts.

200m² of multi-material prototyping workshop

  • Large diameter 3-axis CNC machining center
  • 3D printing and stereolithography
  • Thermoforming
  • Traditional and high-performance composites
  • Silicone and resin moulding
  • Polyurethane and polymer duplicating
  • TIG welding and metal working
  • Aluminium foundry (sand, shell...)
  • Ceramic oven
  • Electronic workstation
  • Power electronics
  • Manual and electro-portable processes
  • Painting booth
  • Finishing and experimentation space
  • Modular assembly stations
  • Textile production
  • Vinyl cutting

50m² of digital and 3D technology

  • 3D modeling (Rhinoceros, Fusion 360, Solidworks)
  • Realistic animated and fixed rendering (Keyshot 7)
  • Digital graphic creation, print and video (Adobe)
  • Mechanical finite element simulation (Fusion 360)
  • Topological optimization (Fusion 360)
  • Assembly kinematics (Fusion 360)
  • Virtual and augmented reality visualization
  • 3D scanning (Artec et Structure sensor) and post processing

50 m² of collaborative workspace

  • Dedicated and equipped meeting and workshop space

10 m² of graphic design and photographic studio

  • Photo studio
  • Screen printing

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