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Roméo Belin

Inspiring Talk // Jake Yates de Yates Precision Manufacturing (Pennsylvania)

OUTERCRAFT invites you to meet Jake Yates, Director of the American machining company Yates Precision Manufacturing....
Roméo Belin

Passionate Team // Toys for children or adults, the gap is closing

With icons from pop culture, decorative objects or products from our favourite TV series and films, the toy market has outgrown children and is exploding in the adult sphere !...
Florian AUGER

Passionate Team // What does the future hold for products in the age of social and environmental ecology ?

What does the future hold for products in the age of social and environmental ecology ? Our agency has looked into this question.......
Gauthier ROCHER

Passionate Team // Internal team VS External team ?

How do you choose between recruiting resources internally or calling on an external development team ? This is a complex financial and strategic question. Find out why large companies such as DECATHLON or ZODIAC choose to work with our agency....

Video edit // The DNA of product design

What's special about our agency ? Why do huge companies like DECATHLON call on us ? Find all the answers to your questions in this new video edit....

Design Process // 4 key stages for a product

Our process involves 4 key stages :  studying requirements, developing product concepts, 3D modelling and making prototypes....
Gauthier ROCHER

Know more // Prototype of definition of prototyping

Au sein de l'agence de Design Produit OUTERCRAFT, nous réalisons des prototypes tous les jours pour nos clients. Mais qu'est-ce qu'un Prototype ? Tentative de définition en images....
Florian AUGER

Close-up // A small, real-life example of eco-design?

Eco-design: everyone is talking about it, but how do we get there? Is it just a question of recycling? Raw material? Or much more? The OUTERCRAFT agency questions and comes back with you on this issue...

Surf Cleaner // You’re right

Surf cleaner: the solution to recycle your surfboards? Having a lower environmental impact on the ocean and nature, we all dream about it, right?...
Florian AUGER

Passionate Team // How do we go about coming up with an innovative idea?

How to find an innovative idea? This complex question is nevertheless crucial for the development of your business. Our Product Design and Innovation agency presents its method here....