Passionate Team // Internal team VS External team ?

Designing products, prototyping them and developing them through to industrialisation requires a wide range of skills and therefore people. Many companies choose to have these resources in-house while others prefer to outsource.

But which is the best option ? And who is a product design agency for ? These questions are both strategic and economic. In reality, there are obviously several different options. Each type of organisation has its advantages and disadvantages. 

The advantages of an in-house development team

The advantages of an external development team

You could be led to believe that an external development team would have significant costs and that, if the need for product development is ongoing, recruiting a designer or engineer in-house would be more sensible. So would large companies opt more for using skills internally since they have the means to do so ?

However, we regularly work for large groups such as Decathlon, Zodiac Nautic or VoltaireWhy do we do this ? What are the advantages of an external product development team such as Outercraft ?

In conclusion

Whether it is in-house or outsourced, a product development team is at the service of the company and its end customers. So the important thing is to have an involved team, with attention to detail, good project management and an end result whose quality matches your business.

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