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Convinced that cycling is a key element in the future of mobility, the OUTERCRAFT team is exploring the creation of a new market segment up to the pre-series prototype.




Free your daily life from the rain

Making the bike-to-work experience more accessible while creating a sustainable and lucrative segment.

We believe that brands have immense power to build the world of tomorrow. Any good innovation must offer sustainability to both the companies and the individuals they represent, as well as to our planet. The evolution of habits is the most complex level offered to design, and it is with this ambition, and the economy in mind, that the creative team of the agency delved into the cycling market.
The study of the cycling market identifies two lucrative segments for small businesses: gravel and urban commuting. Brands positioned in urban commuting grow rapidly if they reduce the discomforts associated with the practice. Among these difficulties are carrying belongings, safety, visibility, transporting children, theft, and rain. Competition in all these areas is significant, with a variety of options for consumers, except for rain, which offers more opportunities for innovation.

The agency has, therefore, focused on improving the cyclist’s experience in the rain during various workshop and prototyping sessions, involving a community of bike commuters in this design.
The Daily Jacket Niagara offers leg protection that allows facing 90% of rainy conditions without the need for additional protection. Its style allows it to be worn daily regardless of weather conditions.

Ready for production with our partner in Estonia, the jacket is designed in detail for daily cycling and urban lifestyle:

  • Breathable 2-layer laminated fabric
  • Waterproof seams
  • Knee support system
  • Helmet hood
  • Storm collar
  • Reflective markings
  • High pockets for pedaling comfort
  • Waterproof chest pocket
  • Adjustable waist
  • Adjustable hood

The Niagara brand is developed with a mixed suburban target audience. It expresses itself as an optimistic partner in the rain and for the future through all its attributes. Niagara can carry a range of products related to rain and urban mobility without limiting itself to bicycle use.

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