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With a rich history, UWL Surfboards approached the agency for a complete restructuring of its various brand platforms, including Shapers Club, in order to regain a leading position in its market.




The history, know-how and strength of a network, to build legitimacy in a core market

UWL Surfboards is an historical leader in the manufacturing of surfboards in Europe.

The company has been able to adapt to the evolution of a demanding market and to the radical transformations of the surfing industry in recent decades. A strong open-mindedness and an inexhaustible desire for innovation have led to the construction of an international network and the exploration of numerous markets and business models.

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Shapers Club is the new name of the company.

A European production workshop for a community of leading shapers from California, Australia and Hawaii. A creative and cultural hub for a community of passionate surfers.

The reorganization of the brands made it possible to clarify the perception of the market and to create a simple and coherent storytelling. Each brand responds to a defined territory in order to form a strategic ecosystem.
Historical graphic elements are made clearly identifiable thanks to a global graphic overhaul and strict rules of use.

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