New experiences,
New customers


The Project

To suggest new experiences, and in doing so, reach new target clients, and imagine the products of tomorrow for a historical brand that is iconic in the nautical sector.




Analysing needs to innovate efficiently

The New Explorers

Over the years, Zodiac has observed a profound shift in its traditional market. The company then turned to Outercraft agency to develop its attractiveness to a new target audience.

This target audience, which we have called ‘new explorers’, is close to the DNA and history of Zodiac. It consists of young professionals who are regular outdoor sports enthusiasts.”

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Expanding the realm of possibilities.

We conducted an initial benchmark of Zodiac’s expanded competitive universe. The agency focused its thinking around sharing experiences, with products that are simple to use, easy to maintain, and have reduced dimensions.

With the support of a representative user panel, the agency conducted a series of individual interviews to define a research framework. We then identified new water activities that could meet the expressed expectations.

7 new product directions

After this study, 7 new product concepts, each associated with new experiences, were developed and modeled. We then presented this work to the panel to assess their interest for each of them.

Proving the effectiveness of this user-centered work method, the results turned out to be quite different from the predictions. This study allowed us to engage more effectively in the concept development and prototyping phase.

Based on these results, we assembled several functional prototypes in our workshop. These Proof of Concepts (POC) allowed us to challenge the concepts and their functionality.

Iterative partial prototypes allowed us to delve deeper into technical questions of feasibility and performance. Satisfied with the results obtained, ZODIAC must now work with the agency on the industrialization of its product. In the meantime, the company has authorized us to share some details of this ambitious innovation project with you.

” We chose Outercraft for their creativity, their dynamism and their exceptional ability to bring an idea to life quickly ; whether it is in 3D or a functional prototype. “

Anthony ESNOUF, Design Manager at Zodiac Nautic

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