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To demonstrate a new vision for the textile industry, Hopaal entrusts the agency with a complete rebranding to create a unique story that connects with its audience.



Taking a step back from rational details to craft an exciting and unifying narrative.

After a record-breaking community fundraising of €750k, Hopaal emerges as the first textile company owned by its community. As the first generation of “green natives,” the company needed to continue its experiments by advocating for consumption minimalism, contrary to fast fashion trends. To make this model viable, Hopaal had to change its positioning and, consequently, its customer base—a risky operation where chance has no place.

The founders, like their new audience, live for action, and this perpetual movement connects them around sports and a passion for the outdoors. The new brand platform unites an active, demanding, creative, and cultured squad. Hopaal advocates for a life lived to the fullest, liberated from constraints through minimalism. The graphic system confronts the duality between the call of the outdoors and the industry’s vision with strong contrasts and a constantly moving photographic direction.

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The new icon represents a flag, inspired by the famous “joli rouge” flag of French freebooters. This contemporary flag expresses both the initial letter H of the brand and a forward-tilted hourglass, in a clear expression of active, fully lived time.

The logo takes on a typographic form, providing maximum impact and visibility. The typography used in the logo represents the brand’s values—stretched and bold—symbolizing the longevity of the products manufactured by HOPAAL and the values shared by the brand with its audience.

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