Imagined as an object,
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Combining the work of designers and engineers to achieve a minimalist design, infused with innovation that is iconic of its generation.





Drawing a bold vision of the future of mobility


DAB Motors is a French manufacturer of high-end motorbikes. After several years working on the technical design of its first thermal model, the LM-S, the company has moved up a gear with the development, in under a year, of its first electric motorbike : the Concept-E.

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The market for electric vehicles (cars, bicycles, etc.) is experiencing unprecedented growth, thanks in particular to the increased performance of the associated propulsion systems. After developing a first thermal motorbike model, it was clear to Simon DABADIE, founder of DAB Motors, that he should start working on the first electric concept in his range: the Concept-E.


Drawing on the strength of the work already accomplished on the DAB Motors brand strategy and image, the agency was laying the groundwork for this new concept. We had to define the new product identity based on the target customer’s expectations.

Découvrir la stratégie et la marque


The oblique line perpetuates the brand’s emblematic ‘flying back’, reinforcing the perception of lightness. The flat face, a sporting reference, also serves as a signature. The minimalist aesthetic is inspired by technological products and the world of automobiles.

Paying particular attention to integrating mechanical elements, and treating materials subtly, have been the keys to differentiation in a rapidly changing traditional market.

After the research phase and the initial sketches, the agency produced 3D models of all the custom-made parts. These models enabled the first prototype parts to be 3D printed.


Assembling a functional prototype makes it possible to validate all the technical, aesthetic and ergonomic solutions imagined before launching the industrialisation.

DAB Motors revealed the Concept-E to the general public on July 19, 2021. In the process, the brand signed an exclusive collaboration with the London luxury brand Burberry for a very limited edition of 20 numbered motorcycles. The agency’s work will not stop there with the ongoing creation of the brand’s next model.

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