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The project

To respond to a native digital strategy, Hercule Studio entrusts the agency with the design of its first products to create icons that shake up codes.




Fitness mats recognisable at first glance

Hercule Studio elegantly endorses the mission of reconciling sporty aesthetics with refined interiors.

In an already crowded market, gaining visibility means hitting the mark with a relevant and successful first product.

Innovating on the product typology of sports mats involves a serious industrial challenge. Archy mats and Galé comfort pads are the result of a transfer of technology in order to quickly reach the necessary maturity and radically differentiate themselves.

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The style of the rug is linked to its functionality and performance.

The work was carried out iteratively, involving the production of numerous prototypes. The format and the technology open up to the brand an infinity of colorful variations and graphics to ensure maximum longevity for its first range.

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