Surfboard 100

A dedicated surfboard
to learning to surf


The Project

Collaboration at the heart of Decathlon’s Water Sports Center with the Olaian teams for the development of the Surfboard 100, an innovative surfboard for beginners.




Invent new ways of learning through product design

The democratization of access to sports is one of Decathlon’s main areas of innovation.

This quest involves the development of solutions that facilitate beginners’ access to new sports practices through fun, safe and fun products.

A quick look at the beaches shows that surfing is a booming discipline. Since 2020, surfing has been an Olympic discipline. So how do you facilitate the learning of this technical and demanding practice?

Discover the board selector by Olaian

The specific shape of the Surfboard 100 has 3 advantages:

  • Support the surfer’s bust when paddling
  • Help him stand up against the waves
  • Lower their center of gravity on the board for stability

After various iterations, the teams converged on a sunken deck board concept. This innovative shape thus creates an enhancement on the front of the board, at the level of the practitioner’s bust.

” What we look for in Outercraft is their ability to think outside the box with agility and operational excellence! “

Tom Duranseaud, Surfboard Product Engineer

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