Take care of the design,
And care the sick

Link aesthetics and ergonomics through product design

Every year, the French thermal baths welcome more than 600,000 spa patients. Favouring alternative medicine as an alternative to drugs, patients receive treatments based on thermal waters or mud and massages.

In order to provide these treatments, the thermal baths are equipped with furniture that is both ergonomic for patients and practitioners and also extremely robust, to resist humidity and cleaning products.


POLYCONTACT Industrie specialises in the manufacture of composite parts. Our client wanted to develop their own range of thermal furniture by combining their expertise in materials with a distinctive product design.

There were significant technical constraints. We had to offer a range of easily identifiable products, without breaking the conventions of thermal baths.


We wanted to soften the experience for spa patients by going beyond the sole medical function of thermal furniture. Our team designed the ONSEN range very carefully, so it integrated harmoniously in the thermal environment.

We played on the overall glossy finish of the range to give it a high-end, lacquered spirit. In addition, the white legs blend in with the décor of the baths, giving the impression that the tops float in mid air.


The agency modelled then prototyped the first products in the ONSEN range. We made the massage table and the deckchair in composite infusion in our workshop.

Now we are working on the development of other products to complete the POLYCONTACT products and their new range of thermal furniture.


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