Elise Auger

Brand & Graphic Design Manager

My mission is to understand your needs and the challenges of your project and its context, with the aim of creating a global image strategy together.

As a partner of the OUTERCRAFT agency since its creation, I am involved from the very beginning of your project in creating a visual identity, design relevant communication tools and establishing a solid brand universe.

In a world of abundant visual codes, we provide creative and powerful visual responses from a global design perspective: the joint development of product design and image design.

As a graphic designer and artistic director, I worked in the fields of publishing / press before specializing in environmental design. Today, I develop brand identities adapted to contemporary media and spaces, or how to make design thinking accessible through an intelligible, intuitive and original message.

My main projects


Management Experts

Welcome to our workshop, where Innovation comes to life!

Our state-of-the-art workshop sets us apart from the rest. It’s the driving force behind our innovative products.

  • Uncompromising Prototypes
  • Speed & Efficiency

With an in-house workshop, our designers create prototypes themselves, staying true to the original vision until the physical concept is built.

By cutting down on time-consuming processes of outsourcing prototypes, we enable more iterations in the design process.

  • Any material, Any process
  • Crafting Culture

Let’s say, we can do anything ! From 3D printing to textile through electronics, vacuum casting, metal or woodwork, advanced composites, painting or printing… We have the tools required for limitless creativity.

We believe in crafting prototype as a key for successful products. We start with cardboard « monsters » to model and functional demonstrators, and up to small series for market tests.

Our innovation