Pierrick Pichaureaux

Product Design Manager

When I graduated in product design from the Institut Supérieur de Design (ISD) of Valenciennes, I had the opportunity to work from very early on on projects in partnership with large groups such as MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC or JBL. These big companies made it possible for me to work on rapidly developing projects, involving rewarding work in collaboration with international teams.

On the strength of this experience, I then joined the SEB group as part of the CALOR-ROWENTA team and then the GP DESIGN PARTERNS agency in Vienna, Austria, for a first assignment. Working on various projects within these large entities was a learning period for me, during which I was able to improve a lot of my skills.

By joining the OUTERCRAFT agency, I completely changed my work environment but I was also able to reconnect with all the facets of my job as a product designer and the process of creation and innovation. I work on the digital development of projects and then accompany them up to tool design, prototyping and industrialization.

My main projects


Management Experts

Welcome to our workshop, where Innovation comes to life!

Our state-of-the-art workshop sets us apart from the rest. It’s the driving force behind our innovative products.

  • Uncompromising Prototypes
  • Speed & Efficiency

With an in-house workshop, our designers create prototypes themselves, staying true to the original vision until the physical concept is built.

By cutting down on time-consuming processes of outsourcing prototypes, we enable more iterations in the design process.

  • Any material, Any process
  • Crafting Culture

Let’s say, we can do anything ! From 3D printing to textile through electronics, vacuum casting, metal or woodwork, advanced composites, painting or printing… We have the tools required for limitless creativity.

We believe in crafting prototype as a key for successful products. We start with cardboard « monsters » to model and functional demonstrators, and up to small series for market tests.

Our innovation