Florian Auger

Director & Product Strategy

We live in exciting times. The urgency of social and ecological issues gives us a framework and specific objectives to work on concrete innovations for a responsible and stimulating future. The level of complexity continues to grow and we are fortunate to have the tools and work of visionary peers and predecessors to help us.

The new global culture allows each project ahead of its time to nurture a global creative emulation to bring together science, industry, ideology and psychology towards an optimistic progression. There is no end point and I am very grateful for the trust of our partners who offer us the opportunity to benefit from an active role in transforming the world towards a better future.

My main projects


A team

Our prototyping workshop is integrated into the heart of the agency.

A unique place for bring
your ambitions to life

The OUTERCRAFT agency is a living space optimized for collaborative work and creativity. With our workshop, we have built a modular experimentation space and equipped with the multitude of tools necessary (or pleasant) to transform our ideas into physical and tangible experiences.

Large diameter 3-axis CN machining center

Large size wire 3D printing

Large-scale stereolithography

Small size 3D printing park

3D scanning

Material library

Electronics and power electronics

Traditional and high performance composites

Silicone and resin molding, thermoforming

Textile manufacturing and vinyl cutting

Modeling wood and soft materials

Boilermaking and welding

Painting and finishes, screen printing

Packshot photo studio

Push the door of our world

Our innovation