Margaux Cardetti

Project Manager & Studio Manager

Let’s face it, we are all fascinated by the stories of successful entrepreneurs who seem to have had the right idea at the right time, often sublimated by the myth of the American self-made man. This man who, alone against all, knew how to brave the obstacles to offer us his vision, build his product and change our future. Sometimes admired, sometimes hated, many of our customers mention them at least once: Apple, Dyson, Tesla, Nike… But are there still innovations to be made today, success stories to be written? Are these iconic companies really the fruit of the work of a single person on the basis of an almost mystical vision embodied in an absolutely perfect product expected by an entire market? Certainly not. There are many talented entrepreneurs, each driven by their own strengths: ambition for some, finances for others, an idea sometimes when others just knew how to sell them well. But none of his stories were written from scratch. There were already cell phones when Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, there were already electric cars when Elon wanted to develop his first Tesla.

These stories are built day after day, less on breakthrough innovations than on an acute understanding of market needs, whether they have been expressed or not yet. Understanding needs, present and future expectations, then working to meet them, without concessions, without compromise, knowing how to surround yourself with the right experts at the right time, knowing how to evolve, work, make mistakes, start over and improve, that’s the key. the success of these projects. At OUTERCRAFT, we believe that each generation has stories of visionary men and women, bearers of renewal. Our world is constantly changing and many challenges, particularly environmental and social, remain to be met. We are committed today together to understand and build the best of tomorrow’s world.

My main projects


Management Experts

Welcome to our workshop, where Innovation comes to life!

Our state-of-the-art workshop sets us apart from the rest. It’s the driving force behind our innovative products.

  • Uncompromising Prototypes
  • Speed & Efficiency

With an in-house workshop, our designers create prototypes themselves, staying true to the original vision until the physical concept is built.

By cutting down on time-consuming processes of outsourcing prototypes, we enable more iterations in the design process.

  • Any material, Any process
  • Crafting Culture

Let’s say, we can do anything ! From 3D printing to textile through electronics, vacuum casting, metal or woodwork, advanced composites, painting or printing… We have the tools required for limitless creativity.

We believe in crafting prototype as a key for successful products. We start with cardboard « monsters » to model and functional demonstrators, and up to small series for market tests.

Our innovation